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Whether you are an individual looking to progress your career or a business looking to invest in your people, we can offer carefully tailored coaching solutions to suit your needs. 

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development 


Develop your leadership team and invest in individually tailored support.

Talent and Succession Coaching

A targeted approach to identify future leaders and provide coaching and support.

Coaching and Mentoring for HR Professionals 

Support for your HR team from experienced HR professionals who have walked in their shoes.

Coaching for wellbeing 

Make coaching accessible for the wider team in your organisation and include as part of your wellbeing initiatives.

Our Approach 

Our aim is to help businesses realise the value of coaching for their people.  Whether you are building a leadership team, planning for succession, looking to develop future leaders for your business, or investing in the wellbeing of your wider workforce, we believe in great and impactful coaching at a reasonable cost.

We believe coaching is not just for the Executive team.  As the competition for talent continues and we attempt to 'grow our own' and retain good people, we need to think outside the leadership training box and tap into what makes individuals tick.  This potential is just one of the many things that can be unlocked and enabled through coaching.  


"Coaching with Rebecca has been a real eye opener for me and has been a real contributing factor for me managing to get unstuck in my career.  The ability to build an instant relationship was a real help and allowed me to relax and really get stuck into the content of our sessions.  Every time I was coming away feeling like I had achieved my goal for the session."

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